WHA Reminders for the Final Week

Parents, we’ve made it to the final week of school! Lots of fun happening next week. Here are a few reminders:

TikTok dances are due today. Remember to film in portrait/vertical. Parents and siblings are welcome to join in the dancing. You can email videos to Ms. Monk or Ms. Durnan or post to the whole-school Google Classroom. Ms. D will edit them into one big, happy video that will be debuted at Wednesday’s celebration.

Tuesday night is our online drama production. Your “ticket” will be coming tomorrow.

Wednesday 11 a.m. is our end-of-school celebration. We’ll be celebrating our seven graduating students, we’ll show the TikTok video, and there will a lot more fun. Please try to make sure your children attend. This will be their last chance to see their fellow students.

Thursday and Friday afternoons will the teacher parade! You’ll receive an email soon with an approximate time of the visit. We’re really excited to see everyone!

Have a great weekend.



WHA Reminders

Due tomorrow:

Photo of each student for the yearbook, with a light-coloured background

Re-enrollment forms for 20-21 school year


Thanks and have a great weekend!



WHA – Monday

Hi parents! We hope you’re managing. Can’t believe we’re heading into our third month away from school.

REMINDER – Send photos to Jen (wha.jedwards@gmail.com) for yearbook soon. We need:

  • a headshot of each child, with a light background
  • photos of kids Zooming, doing work at home, or of projects or artwork they’ve done
  • photos of what kids are doing in their (ample) spare time
  • any photos you or your child has from pre-COVID school activities

Here’s something cool happening back at Ignatius. This company is located on 2nd floor, right underneath WHA. https://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/guelph-company-plans-to-bring-rapid-covid-19-tests-to-vulnerable-groups-1.4920305




Virtual WHA – Tuesday

Hi parents. We hope you’re holding up well.

Reminder to parents of Grade 4-8s to have them sign into Khan Academy for math if they haven’t done so already.

We’re planning to start a short weekly whole-school Zoom meeting (a virtual Flag) next week  so students can visit with all their school friends. We’re also planning to set up a weekly Zoom social meeting for parents. More details to come on both. Feel free to send any comments or other suggestions to Jen.





Who’s counting?

It’s week #3 of WHA’s online schooling; which came after 2 weeks of the March Break that never-was… so 5 weeks, correct?

Having one child in public school and one at WHA, I see the impacts of the 2 different approaches: The *live* connection between teachers and students makes my WHA child feel much less ‘on their own’. 🙌 Grateful for the WHA strategy!

What is everyone’s interest in creating a monthly *virtual* birthday ‘party/celebration’ for those children who have had, and who will have, birthdays during shelter-in-place protocols?

Please share thoughts … and any ideas for this or related suggestions … by posting comments to this blog.






Wow-It’s Thursday Again…

Unbelievably, another week has gone-by. Am I the only one a little surprised?

Wondering if anyone is interested in starting a book club for the kids and/or maybe a kid+parent one as a non-screen activity?

Or maybe a baking club? Or something else? – If so, please post a comment!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Passover holiday… and/or will be enjoying Good Friday + Easter holidays!

Wishing you wellness and the ability to find your ‘happy place’ at least once or twice between now and next Thursday 🙂



Love to All

In a shifting sea of change, we may just find refuge in the mundane.

By sharing HAM together we can join in community and gather as closely as we wish. 👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👦‍👦🤱🏾👨‍👨‍👧‍👧🕺🏽

Yesterday, Mrs. Huntley’s students were learning about the cinquain style of poetry. It is comprised of 5 lines:

  • a noun
  • two adjectives
  • three verbs
  • A four word sentence.
  • a synonym

An example:


Ubiquitous; artful.

Writing; creating; marking.

The insides come out.



If it interests you, please contribute your own cinqain poems by posting a comment to this blog.


Tuesday *late edition*

Today’s school play clue: There’re twins!

Wednesday is…

~ tuck shop

~ the day to return re-enrolment packages to the office!

Thursday is…

~ wear your hair crazy day!


WHA – Science Fair TODAY

Science fair is today! Please come up to 3rd floor after 3:30 and take a look. There are some amazing projects and the kids are really excited!

Tomorrow is the wheelchair basketball field trip for Mrs. G and Mrs. H’s classes. Remind students they’ll need gym uniforms and clean gym shoes.

Tomorrow, the classes of Ms. Monk, Ms. Durnan, and Mrs. Gilroy will be planting seeds at school as part of the Green Legacy project. The older grades will be planting trees with Green Legacy in April.

Reminder that re-enrollment forms and deposits, or withdrawal forms, are due Wednesday.

The name of our musical production will be announced Friday. Clue #4 was revealed today – the play was on Broadway….